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The Gravity Wave – Recovering marine litter and turning it into valuable products

The Gravity Wave’s mission is to clean the seas and oceans of rubbish together with traditional fishermen and transform plastic waste into valuable, 100% circular products. We recover plastic from the sea, transform the waste into a recycled raw material, with a unique finish, and manufacture tailor-made products for companies, the public sector and individuals.

◇ Objetives: 

  • To clean the Mediterranean Sea of rubbish.
  • To prevent plastic from entering the sea.
  • Recycle and revalue 100% of the waste recovered.
  • To create 100% circular products for companies, individuals and the public sector.

 ◇ Impactos obtenidos o esperados:

  • 15.000 kg de plástico recuperados del mar.
  • 500 kg de plásticos de prevención recolectados.
  • 4.000kg de plásticos revalorizados.
  • 43 empresas involucradas en la limpieza de plásticos del mar Mediterráneo.
  • 1000 pescadores recuperando basura marina.

◇ Partners / Colaboradores: Enaleia y CM Plastik.


Gravity Wave is a social and environmental company with a clear objective: to achieve plastic-free seas and oceans. To achieve this, we have agreements with traditional fishermen who clean plastic from the Mediterranean and we pay them for every kilo of waste they clean. Once we have collected the plastic, we separate and classify it for recycling, focusing on fishing nets, one of the most harmful waste to the marine ecosystem and which represents 40% of the plastic we collect from the sea.

Gravity Wave’s mission is to transform 100% of the plastic waste cleaned from the Mediterranean into high-value products. In this part of the project we rely on CMPLASTIK, with whom we work in the manufacture of very special materials and unique finishes that we develop for our partners.

At Gravity Wave we focus on understanding waste, its valorisation, optimal recycling and possibilities of transformation into new products, and on involving designers, companies, public entities and individuals in including our recycled materials in their collections and products.

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