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Urbànima – 100% vegan women’s footwear

Urbànima is a Valencian company passionately dedicated to the design and manufacture of 100% vegan women’s footwear, made in Spain with the highest degree of quality, sustainability and conceived from a slow fashion perspective.

◇ Objective: Use of materials with high percentages in recycled materials, post-consumer and bio-mass without compromising the quality and durability of our products. Always giving priority to suppliers of materials that use renewable energy and are located in Spain to reduce CO2 emissions.

◇ Deadlines: In continuous research and search for new materials since the beginning of the Urbànima project.

◇ Impacts obtained: Sustainability begins with design. Today we know that it is possible to reduce 80% of the environmental impact of a product with a good design.

Vegan and sustainable materials: in Urbànima’s sustainable fashion collections you will only find quality footwear, a full range of stylish vegan shoes that make a difference, made with materials and fabrics free of animal cruelty, recycled or with a percentage of vegetable origin. Vegan heels, sandals, sneakers, booties and boots, that you can wear to work and extend your day thanks to their versatility and comfort.

Recycled packaging: we know how important it is to develop packaging that does not harm our environment. Therefore, the packaging of your Urbànima has been designed with a circular economy philosophy, that is, we reuse waste to reduce our impact and be a sustainable footwear at all points of the chain. All the materials in the box are recycled and recyclable. Our suppliers are very close to the production centers to reduce CO2 emissions and act with eco-efficient logistics.

R+d+i: Urbànima is a brand with a purpose that wants to activate social change towards conscious consumption and a rethinking of the current production model in the footwear industry still heavily dependent on plastics and animal-based raw materials. Our rebellious and adventurous heart is embarked on the research of new sustainable materials, vegan fabrics free of animal cruelty to develop stylish vegan shoes that facilitate recycling, circularity and separation of its components at the end of its useful life to reintroduce them back into the value chain.

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